Month: October 2017

Hitching my way through sub-Saharan Africa

After graduating from Millsaps College, I (Elise) figured I needed to find something to do to avoid my school loans for a while.  I was not ready for grad school, nor did I have any promising career options that would allow me to pay for that college education. […]


An accidental tourist at Stonehenge

I (Elise) first traveled abroad in high school, and when the opportunity presented itself to study abroad while a student at Millsaps College, I embraced it wholeheartedly.  I spent a summer amok (I mean abroad) studying and traveling through Munich, London, Paris, and Prague. One of my favorite […]

Fit enough to do your thing

Some of you might know my superhero alter identity.  Nights and weekends I am Scoutmaster and Adventure Dude, but weekdays I am a mild-mannered Exercise Physiologist at a Cardiac Rehab program at a Regional Hospital. Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with a group of the lovely […]

ABCs of hiking

Hiking is one of the most accessible of outdoor activities.  It can be done almost anywhere with very little specialized gear and almost no prior experience or training.  Most every hiker learns their hike-craft by doing it and by gleaning knowledge through direct experience or by talking to […]

10 outdoor essentials

Outdoor gurus tell us that there are approximately ten things (or types of things) that you ought to take with you whenever you go on an outdoor adventure that is any more remote than your own yard.  Some of these are for comfort and some for actual safety, […]