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6 articles that caught our attention last week

1024px-Dead_Sea,_man_readingThe Roaming Parkers are all about Travel, Adventure, Conservation, and Food!  Here are a few of our fun articles you might have missed out on in the last couple of weeks –

We stay on top of news about these topics pretty well, but we can’t always write about every topic that we think is interesting or important.  Here are a handful of articles from the past week or two that caught our interest but we haven’t gotten to write about.


 4 easy ways to stretch your retirement travel budget“…if you follow some well-tested cheats, you might be able to stretch your budget, and spend even more time on the road than you hoped…”

The least stressful cities in the world“A new study has revealed the world’s most and least stressful cities of 2017, based on factors including traffic levels, public transport, percentage of green spaces, financial status of citizens including debt levels, physical and mental health, and the hours of sunlight the city gets per year.”


9 ultimate hiking trips around the world – “These nine trips—some along well-known routes and others one of a kind—deliver all the benefits of a strong nature immersion with none of the uncomfortable drawbacks.”

How to start cycling to work“Instead of rolling out of bed feeling like I’ve been exhumed and then carrying that feeling with me all day, I get to slap the tiredness out of me by jumping on my bike…”


Nature photographer snaps photo that he wishes didn’t exist!“Hofman, who is nominated for London’s Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year, snapped the photo while snorkeling near Subawa Island, Indonesia last year.”


Avoid food themed festivals“…if a festival advertises unlimited food and booze for a prepaid ticket, don’t expect it to be an amazing food experience… “



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