Naked fishing? It’s apparently a thing.

Greater_Manchester_Police_officers_in_Piccadilly_Gardens_(Manchester,_England)_2According to The Sun News, fishing nude is apparently a thing.

Cambridgeshire authorities are searching for a man who has been spotted on numerous occasions fishing at Needingworth lakes in the nude.

Of all the fun things in the world that might be enhanced by being nude, fishing would not be among my top several.

The police say, “We would urge anyone with information about this man to contact police so we can trace him.” Because apparently, “If someone does not wear clothes in a public place it is likely to attract complaints and we will take action.”

The British police are apparently taking this very seriously, and have raised their alert level from ‘miffed’ to ‘peeved’ and may soon raise it to ‘irritated’ or even ‘a bit cross’.  A spokesman commented upon the seriousness of the situation. “Britain has not been “a bit cross” since the height of the Blitz in 1940 when supplies of tea ran out for almost three weeks.”



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