Small fall 2016 adventures

A few days ago I published a sampling of just a few of the craziest, grand adventures that the Roaming Parkers want to do eventually, but it can’t be all moon shots all the time! There have to be some smaller-scale adventures interspersed in there – day hikes and overnighters and long weekends.

The little adventures are still a blast and they lead up to the grand adventures by providing a chance to hone our skills and test our gear!  I was talking with someone just yesterday about what remarkable variety of opportunities we have for short local adventures.  Shoot! I could probably rattle off a list of two dozen microadventures all within a 2 hour drive. (hmmm, that sounds like a future article!)

scenic-793132_960_720Here are some of the smaller local adventures that the Roaming Parkers have planned for the Fall (you know it’s right around the corner) leading up to our grand adventure at Kilimanjaro in January.


  • Camping at Percy Quin – I figure to have a crop of newbies, so this will be a chance to get them some experience with camping, cooking out, hiking, and some fundamental outdoor skills.
  • red bluffPearl River Clean Sweep – This is right up the Roaming Parkers’ alley!  We’re going to be leading a crew in participating in this river clean-up.  Our site is the famous Red Bluffs in Marion County – sometimes known as Mississippi’s Grand Canyon.


  • Clark Creek Falls (51)Hiking at Clark CreekClark Creek is a hike like no other in Mississippi with very steep hills AND 50 waterfalls!
  • Backpacking at Topisaw Creek – Topisaw is the shallower and more sedate little sister to the Bogue Chitto river in northern Pike County Mississippi.  This particular outing will be a 3-day, 15-mile pack-camping trek, where we’ll be working with a local forester to learn about trees and tree-farming!


  •  Camping at Hazlehurst – This is going to be a GIANT 2-day long cook out with a slew of our buddies.
  • Opt Outside – Each year for the past few years, REI has encouraged people NOT to get caught up in the madness of Black Friday, but rather to get outside and do something outdoorsy!  This year we’re going to do a cemetery cleanup at Holmesville!


  • 4220715_origMississippi Statehood encampment at Holmesville – This December is the 200th anniversary of the Statehood of Mississippi, and we’re going to celebrate by doing a huge encampment with a bunch of our buddies on the site of the territorial seat at Holmesville.



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