Foodie Friday Guest Chef – Ellen!

Sometimes you have to let the kids have all the fun.

Life can get really hectic.  Sometimes I don’t know if we are coming or going – soccer practice, ballet, robotics, scouts.  The light at the end of the tunnel, when Pat and I can Roam freely, without the weekly grind of a crazy-busy schedule, will be here before we know it.  That pretty much keeps us going, knowing that it is just for now, not forever.

Our youngest just started dance – one day each week all five of our children have an after-school activity.  On that day we have a 45 minute window to meet up and feed the herd before shuffling off to the next activity.  Tribe life for us can be a complicated mix of carpooling schedules, but we enjoy the invigorating adventure, and feel confident that the benefits of socialization and fitness outweigh the stress.

Ellen is our Wynona, a Native-American name for first-born daughter.  She is very much my child, but her best attributes come from her dad.  She learned to read really young, and is that kind of book worm we wish our sons would be.  Ellen loves to cook too, though it is not always an efficient endeavor at meal time.

This past Friday changed all that.

At a recent trip to the local library, Ellen wanted to check out a cookbook.  There were no books of this sort for her, but at our next visit the librarian allowed Ellen to borrow her personal copy of Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cookbook.  To keep from feeling guilty if/when Ellen or Cady makes a spill or destroys Mrs. Edith’s personal copy, I will likely purchase a Parker copy soon.  (You can click on the picture of the cookbook and get one too!)

Pat and I don’t have much free time, but when we do we find ourselves planning, camping, plotting, blogging, photographing.  Our children are always around, and generally we camp as a family, but a good bit of the Roaming Parker endeavors are kid-free.  Most of what we are working on has been in the works for months, and a great deal of our adventures are planned weeks or even months in advance.

Foodie Friday with Guest Chef Ellen was completely spontaneous.  She donned her chef hat and we hit the grocery store.  Everyone was so nice to her; she thoroughly enjoyed explaining to whoever asked, that it was Foodie Friday and she was going to cook chili! The longest block of time was probably getting the kitchen uncluttered and video ready.  I felt like a dolt following her around with a camera, but she did great.

Most of our clips were first takes, and Ellen (like her mom!) was never at a loss for words in front of the camera.  Please excuse the blips in the video production – I am still learning the quirks of post-processing editing “skillz.”   It’s like photography, but much more complicated! She and I had a blast on this project, and from her closing comments, we can expect more kitchen adventures from our Wynona, Chef Ellen.


If YOU have a recipe you would like Ellen to try, please leave it in the comments.  She will be sure to read it and pester us until we make it happen.

Go Big or Go Home!

-edp w/eep 8/25/2017


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  1. Great job, Ellen!!!! 🥘🍴😀One of our favorite shows is Top Chef on Food Network. Who knows maybe one day we can say, ” we knew you when…”. Keep up the good work!!