10-essentials – personal first aid kit

First aid is one of those areas that it is easy to go overboard with.  Sure, it’s necessary and we all know we need to carry at least some first aid supplies with us, but how much of what do we want to schlep around during our outdoor adventures?

First of all, the first aid gear that you bring with you will be limited by

  • what you know how to use – if you don’t know how to use it, then learn how or don’t bring it with you.
  • what you are likely to be doing – your first aid kit will vary based on whether you are hiking or climbing or canoeing or whatever.


The base personal first aid kit that you bring on all outings should probably include things like

  • a few Band-aids
  • a couple of 3-by-3-inch gauze pads
  • a roll of bandage tape or Coban
  • some moleskin (but duct tape works better and is more multi-purpose)
  • a small bottle of hand sanitizer
  • a small tube of antibiotic ointment

To the above, you should add any personal necessities or medicines (rescue inhalers, epi-pen, etc…), and any activity-specific first aid gear (SAM splints, after-sun, wire cutters for fish-hooks, etc…)

You might also consider PPE, like gloves and a CPR breathing barrier, depending on who you are travelling with.


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