7 Articles that caught the Roaming Parkers’ attention this week

The Roaming Parkers blog is your source for info about Travel, Outdoor Adventure, Conservation, and Food!  Just this past week we added  a ton of great articles, including…

But as great as the Roaming Parkers blog is, it isn’t the final word on any of the topics it covers.  Here are 7 articles from across the interwebs that we found really interesting this past week.


Screenshot 2017-08-21 at 10.30.04 PMThis past week in Travel has been marked by a lot of fluctuations in European travel as anti-tourism protests swept southern Europe followed by a terrorist attack in Spain. Southern Europe and north Africa are on the Roaming Parkers long-term to-do list, so this is a topic of perpetual interest to us.

Outdoor Adventure

screenshot-2017-08-21-at-10-26-00-pm.pngAmong our bucket list grand adventures are some unrealized plans to go backpacking at the Grand Canyon, perhaps a North Kaibab trek or a R2R, so the following articles on backpacking caught our attention.



screenshot-2017-08-21-at-10-21-25-pm.pngOne of the Roaming Parkers’ pet projects is the war against plastic trash, and particularly throwaway plastic water bottles, so naturally we were dismayed by this news article.


screenshot-2017-08-21-at-10-24-10-pm.pngWe don’t consider any of these junk food joints as actually selling food.  It’s taken us quite a while to convince our kids that these places actually sell nasty, inedible poison – but having said that…



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