2 things we probably won’t see in Africa!

desert-509240_960_720.jpgWhat is it about photos of Africa that you can tell they are from elsewhere even if they are not labelled?  I’ve been reading up in preparation for our trip to Kilimanjaro in January and something surprising jumped out at me!

Range of the Pinus (pine tree) genus in the northern hemisphere.

Oaks and Pines are indigenous to the Northern Hemisphere, so we might not even see a single oak or pine tree.

I read somewhere that there are tree farmers experimenting with growing pine in Tanzania for lumber, but even if we do run across a pine plantation, it’s bound to pale in comparison to the pine and oak forests that we are used to tromping around in here in southwest Mississippi!

Range of Fagacaeae (the Family in which Oak is one Genus).  It does extend somewhat into the southern hemishpere but not far into Africa.

That’s kind of a small thing, but it’s just one more reason that I’m excited to see the other side of the world because it’s hard to imagine a forest of something besides upland pines and bottomland oaks!


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