Month: July 2017

Cowboy Candy – sweet pickled jalapenos

One of the most prolific fruits of the garden around these parts are peppers!  In my yard, jalapenos and banana peppers and long green peppers grow like weeds (though I’ve never been able to grow decent bell peppers). And when I say prolific, I mean just a few […]


Tim Moss’ Next Challenge

Thank you for visiting the Roaming Parkers! I hope you’re finding a lot of interesting info about travel, outdoor adventure, conservation, and food here, and I hope you come back to check out our new articles every day! Shoot! Hang out here all day if you want! But […]

Sharpening the sword – for what?

Some of you may know that the Roaming Parkers are martial artists.  I (Pat) have been learning since about 1986, teaching since about 1996, and teaching OUR kids since about 2006.  We practice and teach primarily aikido but with a healthy sprinkling of judo and jodo and perhaps […]

How to orient a map

(Third in a series – Before you go on an outdoor adventure,  get a good compass and find some useful maps.) A map with all its squiggly lines and colors can, at first glance, seem like a confusing jumble.  One of the first things that you’ll want to […]