Why Kilimanjaro?

kilimanjaro-279999_960_720Sometimes they take the direct approach, “Why would you ever want to do that?” and sometimes it is just a raised eyebrow, but we have gotten a bunch of the same question, “Why Kilimanjaro?”

Why would the Roaming Parkers want to spend a lot of money to fly halfway around the world to drag ourselves trough a tropical rain forest and clamber up a mountain through a frozen volcanic wasteland to a place where we can’t breathe?

We could take a hint from George Mallory.  After he’d been asked, “Why Everest?” so many times that he became frustrated, his laconic response became famous, “Because it’s there.

But it’s a fair question.  One that I think would teach us something about ourselves if we could figure out how to answer it directly.

I’ve tried for a while but I haven’t been able to come up with a good answer to, “Why Kili?”  I have just wanted to climb Kilimanjaro ever since I knew it existed – probably back as far as college.  Maybe even back into high school

Sometimes there is a thing that you believe you have to do, and there is no probing a reason for it.  When you’re up against something like this, trying to pry out a reason tends to only unearth rationalizations.

You get to a point that you can’t come up with a better answer than, “Because it’s there.”

Having said that, stay tuned to for another article or two about Why the Roaming Parkers want to climb Kili and why you should too!



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