Why Kilimanjaro?

kilimanjaro-279999_960_720Sometimes they take the direct approach, “Why would you ever want to do that?” and sometimes it is just a raised eyebrow, but we have gotten a bunch of the same question, “Why Kilimanjaro?”

Why would the Roaming Parkers want to spend a lot of money to fly halfway around the world to drag ourselves trough a tropical rain forest and clamber up a mountain through a frozen volcanic wasteland to a place where we can’t breathe?

We could take a hint from George Mallory.  After he’d been asked, “Why Everest?” so many times that he became frustrated, his laconic response became famous, “Because it’s there.

But it’s a fair question.  One that I think would teach us something about ourselves if we could figure out how to answer it directly.

I’ve tried for a while but I haven’t been able to come up with a good answer to, “Why Kili?”  I have just wanted to climb Kilimanjaro ever since I knew it existed – probably back as far as college.  Maybe even back into high school

Sometimes there is a thing that you believe you have to do, and there is no probing a reason for it.  When you’re up against something like this, trying to pry out a reason tends to only unearth rationalizations.

You get to a point that you can’t come up with a better answer than, “Because it’s there.”

Having said that, stay tuned to http://www.roamingparkers.com for another article or two about Why the Roaming Parkers want to climb Kili and why you should too!



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