How to read a heading

(Sixth in a series)

So, you’ve managed to find Old Mad John Redrum’s treasure map and you found the rock that looks like a witch’s nose, and you’ve used your trusty compass to figure out what direction to go.


Did you ever wonder, how did Old Mad John Redrum even know what direction to write on his treasure map?  I mean, how did he know that you have to walk a heading of 270° to get to the old oak tree?

Today’s basic compass skill is how to read a heading to an object.  This is super easy, it’s a lot like the previous lesson (how to find a given heading) and it will turn out to be crucial in the next and final lesson (triangulation).

In order to figure out the heading or direction to an object, all you do is point your DOT (direction of travel) arrow at the object and then turn the bezel until the floating needle lines up in the north box.  Then you read the heading of the DOT arrow.

So you could just point at the old oak tree and orient the compass and you know the tree is at 270°

You can’t get much easier than that! And since today’s lesson is so easy it’ll give you time to review all the previous skills in this series –

Next in the series


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